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Use this special tool to gather technical information about your system and location.
Not sure what Browser you are using? Not sure what Operating System you are using? Never worry again, use the information below when a trustworthy person needs to know. You may think but when will you ever need this? On the right are some examples. Always be careful when providing this information
Know if you meet the minimum software requirements for something you need to install
Make sure you use the browser as recommended by your bank for Online banking
Your IT Professional might need this information
Make sure you your platform is as written on the box when you bought your device
You simply want to know for yourself.
Use this special tool to gather information about your system / browser.
Web Browser:
Web Browser Version:
Platform / Operating System:
Unknown Platform
IP Address:
Please note that we take privacy serious and do not store any of this information, neither do we share any information without your consent. Your browser might save these details and share them but it depends on the browser you use and if you have changed your browser settings to enable or disable sharing and saving of data from pages you visit and data captured by those website without your knowledge or permission.
Use this special tool to gather information location.
To load the map showing your location and address details click on the LOAD MAP button.
By clicking on LOAD MAP you grant permission to show your location on this page for the duration that you are on the page only.

Place ID
Use this special tool to test your internet speed
Below are some extra information regarding this page
Generally you will know what software you have in terms of your browser and operating system. You will mostly remember your location like you know your own name. However if you cannot recall what operating system (and version) you are using and not sure if you are using the browser that IT recommended you should use then this page will allow you to gain that insight automatically. You can then easily provide these details where relevant and if requested with your permission. You can also share your address by clicking on the link when you click on the marker on the map once you have loaded the map.
A note on accuracy. Although every effort is made to ensure that information displayed are accurate we cannot assure that information are accurate. If you are using this tool while behind a VPN (most corporate companies uses Virtual Private Networks) for example then the information may not be accurate or in some cases might not even load. Certain software and browser extensions can also cause this tool not to work correctly. You are likely to have better results when you have a simple network setup and standard system setup.