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What is "The Calling" you ask? Is it yet another "job portal"? The short answer is "not exactly". Say someone needs something to be done, maybe someone feels like revamping their company logo and need someone with the skills to do this, they will post (call upon) the scope as an opportunity allowing responders to reply (answer the call so to speak) to the post after a set amount of responses the caller will then choose whom amongst those who answered the call to give the opportunity to. It is as is as that.


the Caller:

For those who need something done (like revamping their logo) simply post an opportunity and wait for responses thus eliminating the need to know who, where, what etc. It is like knowing exactly who to use and getting 5 quotes in a few minutes. Really does not get easier then that.
the responder:

Someone sees the opportunity, maybe you! You know exactly what to do and feel like it is something you can do in your free time without breaking a sweat might then apply. After all it is a couple of extra bucks and you don't have to quit your job or maybe you are still looking for a job and while you do this might help you out until you get a job
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